Climbing, Endurance, Over-Training, and Finding Balance

I started rock climbing again. I thought it would be a more enjoyable way to build up my strength since I really loathe the conventional methods. It will not be quite as specific as regular strength training so I still need to maintain my PT sessions. Well at least it will provide a bit moreContinue reading “Climbing, Endurance, Over-Training, and Finding Balance”

Progress Not Perfection

For all my plans to keep up my fitness journal, I haven’t really been writing much. Back when I was rock climbing, I would make daily entries into my climbing journal. It was easier to track progress against static routes with set grades. I could mark project achievements, like the red point on the myContinue reading “Progress Not Perfection”

Running Fitness – Tracking Progress

It is important to stop every now and then to take note of progress because it inspires us to keep going. This is especially so when the journey feels pointless. I never used to record my workouts because I didn’t see the point of it, but ever since I started using activity trackers, I haveContinue reading “Running Fitness – Tracking Progress”

Fitness Training and Aerobic Improvements

Over the last year, I have logged a significant amount of time training for events. I’d like to think that my fitness has improved since I first started. I wouldn’t know for sure because I didn’t take a fitness test before I got on this journey. Based on my gut-feel, I don’t think I haveContinue reading “Fitness Training and Aerobic Improvements”

Supplementary Training on the Wii Fit

Training when the kids are on holidays is not easy because I can’t exactly take them with me to my classes. So here’s what I do when I can’t squeeze in my usual workouts… Wii Fit Training Yep. I dust off the old Wii Fit Board and do a Hula-Hoop/Rhythm Boxing/Step Combo and follow itContinue reading “Supplementary Training on the Wii Fit”

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