Fitness First Spartan Workshop 4

This was the fourth and final of the Fitness First Spartan Workshops before the race at Semenyih next week. It was held at the Town Park in MyTown Shopping Mall and it was meant to be the toughest of all the workshops. Was it the toughest? I can’t say for certain because I didn’t completeContinue reading “Fitness First Spartan Workshop 4”

Fitness First Spartan Workshop No. 2

Yes. I’m a glutton for punishment. I went back for the second Fitness First Spartan Workshop. You would’ve thought I’d had enough after the first one, but no. I guess it’s a little like having a baby – after the first one, you swear you’re never having another one and then you do… I thoughtContinue reading “Fitness First Spartan Workshop No. 2”

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