Trip Report: Jungle Babes in Melaka

After having done the Big Thrill and Extreme Challenge at Shah Alam, the Jungle Babes felt that it was time to take on the “hardest Skytrex” of the lot – the Melaka Extreme Challenge. With Skytrex Langkawi under my belt, Melaka also meant that I would have completed the Skytrex trifecta. When the Jungle Babes WentContinue reading “Trip Report: Jungle Babes in Melaka”

The Island Extreme at SkyTrex Langkawi

Ever since the Jungle Babes completed all three levels at SkyTrex Shah Alam, we’ve been talking about going to Melaka and Langkawi to complete the circuit. As it turned out, DH and I had planned a getaway to Langkawi and he surprised me by suggesting we do SkyTrex. Why was I surprised? Because DH isContinue reading “The Island Extreme at SkyTrex Langkawi”

Jungle Babes Take on SkyTrex Extreme

After nailing the Big Thrill at Skytrex Shah Alam, the Jungle Babes decided it was time to up the ante and take on the Extreme Challenge… Skytrex Extreme Challenge These were the obstacles on the extreme challenge that we had to face (some were repeated so it worked out to be about 26 obstacles inContinue reading “Jungle Babes Take on SkyTrex Extreme”

Jungle Babes in the Sky

SkyTrex has been on the “to do” list for some time but due to various reasons, it took us about a year to finally plan our first trip. After much debate and baseless concerns involving comments about diapers, we finally settled for the Big Thrill – the intermediate challenge. Although why all the worry inContinue reading “Jungle Babes in the Sky”

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