Rock Climbing at Club Med Cherating

I was at Club Med Cherating and it was my first time on the wall in years. There were four routes before me – three with ropes already through the anchors. The part of my brain that remembers I used to be a rock climber mentally noted that these were easy routes – the kindContinue reading “Rock Climbing at Club Med Cherating”

Jungle Janes: The Return to Bukit Tabur West

Can it be nearly 14 years ago that I last hiked Bukit Tabur West? Hiking Permit A new regulation came into effect a couple of years back and you now require a hiking permit┬áto hike at Bukit Tabur (East and West) which you can get from the Forestry Department in Cheras: Address: Km 11, JalanContinue reading “Jungle Janes: The Return to Bukit Tabur West”

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