Hiking Trails: Sri Bintang

It’s been a while since the Jungle Babes have tried a new trail. Partly because we needed a trail around Desa Park City, partly because everyone was getting a bit bored of Bukit Gasing, and maybe because I was feeling brave enough to lead the Babes blindly into a new trail, we decided to tryContinue reading “Hiking Trails: Sri Bintang”

Hiking Trails: Kota Damansara

It’s the school holidays and the Jungle Babes (with cubs in tow) decided to try a new hiking trail. We found the Kota Damasara Community Forest which is a lovely, family friendly, hiking trail that was largely undulating and very well marked. Most intersections had maps posted and there were signs and clear markings allContinue reading “Hiking Trails: Kota Damansara”

Jungle Babes Adventures in Gua Tempurung

What’s better than having a group of Mum friends? Having a group of adventurous Mum friends – especially when your immediate family doesn’t share your love for adventure. Well, these kinds of experiences anyway. Now that the Jungle Babes have conquered the treetops, the hills, and the rocks, we decided it was time for aContinue reading “Jungle Babes Adventures in Gua Tempurung”

The Jungle Babes Photo Shoot Exclusive at Sungai Pisang!

The plan was to explore a new hiking trail called Sungai Pisang, aka “Banana River”. When we mapped out our timelines, it went something like this: Drive to Sungai Pisang: 30 to 45 minutes Hiking in Sungai Pisang: 45 minutes Picnic at waterfall: 30 to 60 minutes Take photos along the way: ??? Who wouldContinue reading “The Jungle Babes Photo Shoot Exclusive at Sungai Pisang!”

Jungle Babes in the Bukit Saga – Apek Hill Adventure

When the Jungle Babes made a return trip to Bukit Saga – Apek Hill… About a year ago, the Jungle Babes made our first trip to Bukit Saga – Apek Hill. We had a guide back then because the trail was unfamiliar. It was a challenging hike with some serious inclines – especially from theContinue reading “Jungle Babes in the Bukit Saga – Apek Hill Adventure”

Trip Report: Jungle Babes in Melaka

After having done the Big Thrill and Extreme Challenge at Shah Alam, the Jungle Babes felt that it was time to take on the “hardest Skytrex” of the lot – the Melaka Extreme Challenge. With Skytrex Langkawi under my belt, Melaka also meant that I would have completed the Skytrex trifecta. When the Jungle Babes WentContinue reading “Trip Report: Jungle Babes in Melaka”

Jungle Babes Joining the Tribe!

Word on the street was that there is a new boxing studio in town so the Jungle Babes went to check it out… Tribe Boxing Studio Join the Tribe. Tribe Boxing is a little like Flyfight where you punch a bag following the rhythm of the music, using a combination of four different punch styles –Continue reading “Jungle Babes Joining the Tribe!”

Jungle Babes in the Saddle

The Flycycle neophyte is back in the saddle. This time, in the company of Babes. Jungle Babes, to be precise. Or would that make us Flycycle Babes since we’ve traded our hiking boots for a pair of cleated shoes? I must confess that I am grateful for the camaraderie because I struggle to find theContinue reading “Jungle Babes in the Saddle”

Zumba Babes at a Charity Zumbathon

One of our very own Jungle Babes organised a Zumbathon charity event at MyTown Shopping Center in support of those fighting the battle against cancer. You’ll Never Walk Alone Just like the title of this event, we couldn’t let her walk alone, so here we were… …busting a move even when some of us didn’t haveContinue reading “Zumba Babes at a Charity Zumbathon”

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