IJM Duo Highway Challenge – The Half Marathon

This is Part 2 of the IJM Duo Highway Challenge that took place on Sunday 29 July 2018. My first #21kmrun in more than a decade. It was harder than I remembered. Crawled back home to rest my broken legs. Maybe I shouldn’t have signed up for that second one in September… 🤔 . . .Continue reading “IJM Duo Highway Challenge – The Half Marathon”

IJM Duo Highway Challenge 2018 – Part 1

Back on the road after the Spartan Sprint in Semenyih with the IJM Duo Highway Challenge. After all the training I’ve been doing for the Spartan race, I am pleased to note that I have come back to my regular activities feeling a lot stronger. I still remember when an “easy” 10km on a Sunday wouldContinue reading “IJM Duo Highway Challenge 2018 – Part 1”

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