FlyClimb – the New Vertical Workout in Town

Now this is a workout I have been waiting for ever since I discovered the existence of rock climbing treadmills. While I may no longer be a rock climber, the lure of the vertical ascent is still in my blood. I have waited with anticipation for the launch of this class and have finally beenContinue reading “FlyClimb – the New Vertical Workout in Town”

FlyFight @ FlyProject

2018 continues the rhythm of trying new things as we add FlyFight to our Spartan training plan. What is FlyFight? It’s a new class introduced by FlyProject¬†(the company that brought us FlyCycle). In a nutshell, it is a boxing class. The instructor teaches you how to punch and what rhythms to punch with. Oh yes,Continue reading “FlyFight @ FlyProject”

Jungle Babes in the Saddle

The Flycycle neophyte is back in the saddle. This time, in the company of Babes. Jungle Babes, to be precise. Or would that make us Flycycle Babes since we’ve traded our hiking boots for a pair of cleated shoes? I must confess that I am grateful for the camaraderie because I struggle to find theContinue reading “Jungle Babes in the Saddle”

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