Training Day – Bukit Gasing Hill Climbs

According to one of the Jungle Babes, this hiking trail at Bukit Gasing was harder than the Northface Outdoor Challenge so I am going to share the route here. We did this trail a week before TNF Outdoor Challenge as part of our preparation for the distance. It was supposed to be a 10km trailContinue reading “Training Day – Bukit Gasing Hill Climbs”

Bukit Gasing – the All-Natural StairMaster…

Who needs a¬†StairMaster¬†when you can do the real thing in the great outdoors? I have been meaning to take the boys to Bukit Gasing for a hike to the old suspension bridge for a while now but we haven’t quite made it there yet. One morning, on the spur of the moment, I decided toContinue reading “Bukit Gasing – the All-Natural StairMaster…”

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