Bootybarre Babes at Zenith Pilates

2017 was a year of firsts for the Jungle Babes. We broke out of our comfort zone and tried a lot of new activities that was a first for many of us: Ice Skating Zumbathon SkyTrex Big Thrill and Extreme Challenge Rock Climbing – yes, not my first time ever, but first time back in afterContinue reading “Bootybarre Babes at Zenith Pilates”

Jungle Babes in the Saddle

The Flycycle neophyte is back in the saddle. This time, in the company of Babes. Jungle Babes, to be precise. Or would that make us Flycycle Babes since we’ve traded our hiking boots for a pair of cleated shoes? I must confess that I am grateful for the camaraderie because I struggle to find theContinue reading “Jungle Babes in the Saddle”

Zumba Babes at a Charity Zumbathon

One of our very own Jungle Babes organised a Zumbathon charity event at MyTown Shopping Center in support of those fighting the battle against cancer. You’ll Never Walk Alone Just like the title of this event, we couldn’t let her walk alone, so here we were… …busting a move even when some of us didn’t haveContinue reading “Zumba Babes at a Charity Zumbathon”

Mech-Warriors in Cross-Training

After reading Spark, I decided it was high time that I took the boys’ physical training to the next level. Our focus for G1 was to improve his overall fitness for health reasons because he’s been allergic to physical exertion since he was little. For G2, I was inspired to build his physical fitness afterContinue reading “Mech-Warriors in Cross-Training”

Tales from a Flycycle Neophyte

Ever a glutton for punishment, I went back for my second dose of pain at Flycycle. I even got a poser picture for the memories because I am never ever coming back… …except, of course, that I will. Didn’t I just say I’m a glutton for punishment? I was all prepared to take another beating and crawl homeContinue reading “Tales from a Flycycle Neophyte”

Flycycle at the Verve

There’s a new fitness gym at the Verve called Flycycle. It’s basically a studio devoted to spin classes with a spin (sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun). Anyway, here’s what they have to say about their classes: “…we take indoor-spinning to the next level by combining dynamic 45 minute full-body workouts, neon lighting and theContinue reading “Flycycle at the Verve”

The First 20 Minutes – Stuff You Didn’t Know About Exercising

Recently started reading a book recommended to me by a friend – The First 20 Minutes. I’ve always thought I knew a lot about health, fitness and exercise – well, more than the average Joe – but this book has been quite the eye-opener. The problem with a lot of information that we believe to beContinue reading “The First 20 Minutes – Stuff You Didn’t Know About Exercising”

Staying Active with the Apple Watch

So I’ve moved up from just tracking my workouts to tracking daily activity levels… …and as gimmicky as it sounds, I gotta say that it really does help with the motivation to stay active. The Apple Watch activity tracker lets you track three things: Red marker: “Move” calories – you can set your own target to burn “x”Continue reading “Staying Active with the Apple Watch”

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