2020 MWM 21KM Run

When the Malaysian Women’s Marathon Race was cancelled, everyone was disappointed. Thankfully, our running leader LK decided that she would not be thwarted from running. She organised our own private MWM Run. In some ways, it was even more nerve-wracking for me because I was joining the fast team to do 21km. I wasn’t sureContinue reading “2020 MWM 21KM Run”

2XU Compression Run 2018: Half Marathon

Recording details of races I’ve participated in is something I’ve been doing for a while. I think it is important because it helps me to see where I was and how far I’ve come in my journey. Looking back at how I’ve done and analysing what I could have done differently is also a greatContinue reading “2XU Compression Run 2018: Half Marathon”

IJM Duo Highway Challenge – The Half Marathon

This is Part 2 of the IJM Duo Highway Challenge that took place on Sunday 29 July 2018. My first #21kmrun in more than a decade. It was harder than I remembered. Crawled back home to rest my broken legs. Maybe I shouldn’t have signed up for that second one in September… 🤔 . . .Continue reading “IJM Duo Highway Challenge – The Half Marathon”

Running Fitness – Tracking Progress

It is important to stop every now and then to take note of progress because it inspires us to keep going. This is especially so when the journey feels pointless. I never used to record my workouts because I didn’t see the point of it, but ever since I started using activity trackers, I haveContinue reading “Running Fitness – Tracking Progress”

IJM Duo Highway Challenge 2018 – Part 1

Back on the road after the Spartan Sprint in Semenyih with the IJM Duo Highway Challenge. After all the training I’ve been doing for the Spartan race, I am pleased to note that I have come back to my regular activities feeling a lot stronger. I still remember when an “easy” 10km on a Sunday wouldContinue reading “IJM Duo Highway Challenge 2018 – Part 1”

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