Climbing, Endurance, Over-Training, and Finding Balance

I started rock climbing again. I thought it would be a more enjoyable way to build up my strength since I really loathe the conventional methods. It will not be quite as specific as regular strength training so I still need to maintain my PT sessions. Well at least it will provide a bit moreContinue reading “Climbing, Endurance, Over-Training, and Finding Balance”

Thoughts from a Spartan Worrier

When I wrote my Spartan Race Report after the Sprint in Semenyih last year, I was ready to write off all the upper body obstacles in the Spartan Race. I was sure that I would never be able to do any of them. Like I said about the Monkey Bars: There was never any chanceContinue reading “Thoughts from a Spartan Worrier”

Once Upon a Time, I was a Rock Climber

Recently, I had dinner with an old friend whom I hadn’t seen in many years. I first knew her back when my sole obsession in life was rock climbing. She shared some of my stories with our common friends – friends who have never known the climber I once was. They stirred the memories thatContinue reading “Once Upon a Time, I was a Rock Climber”

Rock Climbing at Club Med Cherating

I was at Club Med Cherating and it was my first time on the wall in years. There were four routes before me – three with ropes already through the anchors. The part of my brain that remembers I used to be a rock climber mentally noted that these were easy routes – the kindContinue reading “Rock Climbing at Club Med Cherating”

Mission: Take Down the Power Station in District 21!

Ever since I took the boys to District 21 they have been pining for a return trip. Although my initial intention was to sneak in a visit sans boys so I could take on my own challenges, I’m afraid that dream visit has yet to come into fruition. So there I was back at District 21 with boysContinue reading “Mission: Take Down the Power Station in District 21!”

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