Viper Challenge Classic at Sepang

One year after the Viper Challenge in Cyberjaya, Team GISKL were back at it at the Viper Challenge Classic Category in Sepang. The distance was 20 km and the obstacle count was at 25. The Terrain Well, it’s Sepang – the place where they race cars. How bad can the incline possibly be? Besides, afterContinue reading “Viper Challenge Classic at Sepang”

Spartan Sprint 2019 – Kuching

On Saturday 19 October, the GISKL PTF team took on the Spartan Sprint in Kuching at the Leadership Institute of Sarawak Civil Service. True to the spirit of GIS, it was a day filled with determination, resilience, risk-taking, and teamwork. For two of our team members, Ms. Awesome and Beauty Queen, Spartan Sprint Kuching wouldContinue reading “Spartan Sprint 2019 – Kuching”

Spartan Kuching Pre-Race Assessment

It’s two more sleeps until race day. After a disastrous Beast race, I confess that I am not feeling very confident about this one. I know it is the Sprint, the shortest and easiest of all Spartan races, but I am still nervous. Kuching is a wildcard – a new race venue that no oneContinue reading “Spartan Kuching Pre-Race Assessment”

Climbing, Endurance, Over-Training, and Finding Balance

I started rock climbing again. I thought it would be a more enjoyable way to build up my strength since I really loathe the conventional methods. It will not be quite as specific as regular strength training so I still need to maintain my PT sessions. Well at least it will provide a bit moreContinue reading “Climbing, Endurance, Over-Training, and Finding Balance”

Spartan Beast 2019 – Tambun

Spartan Beast for 2019 – check. I am now two thirds of the way towards my first trifecta and I’m relieved that the last leg will be the shortest race – the Sprint. Race Report I confess that I totally underestimated how tough it would be. I thought I was prepared, but I was not.Continue reading “Spartan Beast 2019 – Tambun”

Spartan Beast Obstacle Assessment

The map is out for the Spartan race in Tambun so I figured it’s time to do a little homework… Obstacles List for the Beast Looks like a lot of repeats from the Super we did earlier this year plus a few extras (an 8 foot wall and 4 other obstacles I’ve never encountered beforeContinue reading “Spartan Beast Obstacle Assessment”

Progress Not Perfection

For all my plans to keep up my fitness journal, I haven’t really been writing much. Back when I was rock climbing, I would make daily entries into my climbing journal. It was easier to track progress against static routes with set grades. I could mark project achievements, like the red point on the myContinue reading “Progress Not Perfection”

Viper Bridge (Food) Challenge – Penang 2019

It was Team GISKL’s second OCR: the Viper Bridge Challenge in Penang. Dubbed the world’s first bridge obstacle event, we felt we had to be a part of the action. Well okay, that and the food trail we were planning to carve all the way from KL to Penang. After last year’s Viper Challenge inContinue reading “Viper Bridge (Food) Challenge – Penang 2019”

Thoughts from a Spartan Worrier

When I wrote my Spartan Race Report after the Sprint in Semenyih last year, I was ready to write off all the upper body obstacles in the Spartan Race. I was sure that I would never be able to do any of them. Like I said about the Monkey Bars: There was never any chanceContinue reading “Thoughts from a Spartan Worrier”

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