Jungle Janes: The Return to Bukit Tabur West

Can it be nearly 14 years ago that I last hiked Bukit Tabur West? Hiking Permit A new regulation came into effect a couple of years back and you now require a hiking permit to hike at Bukit Tabur (East and West) which you can get from the Forestry Department in Cheras: Address: Km 11, JalanContinue reading “Jungle Janes: The Return to Bukit Tabur West”

The Jungle Janes Return to FRIM

It’s the start of a new year and the Janes are back in action after dusting off their hiking boots. The plan was for an easy walk in FRIM to accommodate some new-comers and old veterans nursing old injuries. Unfortunately, we missed the memo that Rover trail will be closed indefinitely due to vandalism. I mean, really? If you’re newbieContinue reading “The Jungle Janes Return to FRIM”

Hiking in Bukit Kiara – The Road Less Travelled

The last time we visited Kiara, we took the asphalt trail but as we’ve said – it’s not jungle school unless you get a little dirty, so we went back to follow the road less travelled. Well, less travelled compared to the asphalt trail anyway. From what I gather, these trails are popular MTB trails so I’m gatheringContinue reading “Hiking in Bukit Kiara – The Road Less Travelled”

Bukit Melawati Hiking Trail

According to a Jungle School Mama I know, it’s not Jungle School unless you get dirty. By that definition alone, this doesn’t really qualify for Jungle School but it is a new trail and it does qualify as a hike. And since that same Mama agreed that “hiking” sounds cooler than “walking”, hiking it is… hikeContinue reading “Bukit Melawati Hiking Trail”

Jungle School for Adults: An Encounter with Bukit Saga

The plan was to get the kids out into nature more often, but it turns out that all the adults are also clamouring to get out there so now we have a Jungle School for Adults. If you’re looking for easily accessible hiking trails that won’t require you to drive miles to get to, here’s anotherContinue reading “Jungle School for Adults: An Encounter with Bukit Saga”

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