Boxing Injuries: Knuckle Pain and Forearm Muscle Aches

About a week ago, I bruised my right middle knuckle during boxing. It felt sore when I punched, but it was nothing I couldn’t bear. I continued boxing until it started to interfere with my punches. I tried to punch “lightly” but I would occasionally connect badly with the bag and feel a shooting painContinue reading “Boxing Injuries: Knuckle Pain and Forearm Muscle Aches”

Not R.I.C.E, But M.O.V.E.!

A friend injured her wrist recently and I immediately quoted, “R.I.C.E.” It was what I was taught – years and years ago, I might add. I’m afraid that I’ve never looked it up since. Thankfully, it was a comment I made on a group chat and someone else who was up to date, corrected me.Continue reading “Not R.I.C.E, But M.O.V.E.!”

A Tale of Foam Rollers and Massages

FMR is a foam-roller die hard. He absolutely swears by it and diligently foam rolls every day. I, on the other hand, own a foam roller that has collected a layer of dust so thick you could scrape it off to make dust bunnies. Until recently… I have never had knee pain to the pointContinue reading “A Tale of Foam Rollers and Massages”

The Bane of Knee Pain in Sports – Overuse, Underuse, and Injuries

Knee pain is not an age-related problem – at least, not for me. It has been on-going, off and on, since my 20’s. According to the specialist I saw back then, these were the contributing factors… The Female Anatomy Apparently, being a woman predisposes us to knee pain because of the anatomical structure of ourContinue reading “The Bane of Knee Pain in Sports – Overuse, Underuse, and Injuries”

Remedies for Post-Workout Aches

I’ve never really been an essential oils subscriber. I think they smell nice and are fun to use, but I have raised a skeptical eyebrow when I hear about the claims of what they can do for you. That said, I did get myself a starter kit with a sample of some of the more popular scents,Continue reading “Remedies for Post-Workout Aches”

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