Over-Training, Rest, and the Immune Response

Over the last few weeks, my mind has been swinging backward and forwards between my training plans and the Spartan Trifecta Weekend that I’ve signed up for at the end of June. The fear that I won’t be ready by June keeps returning despite my efforts to keep it under control. I tell myself toContinue reading “Over-Training, Rest, and the Immune Response”

Boxing Injuries: Knuckle Pain and Forearm Muscle Aches

About a week ago, I bruised my right middle knuckle during boxing. It felt sore when I punched, but it was nothing I couldn’t bear. I continued boxing until it started to interfere with my punches. I tried to punch “lightly” but I would occasionally connect badly with the bag and feel a shooting painContinue reading “Boxing Injuries: Knuckle Pain and Forearm Muscle Aches”

Artificial Sweeteners Increase Appetite

I grew up in Australia. Like most girls (anywhere really), I went through a very body-conscious period in my life. I was hyper-aware of the food I consumed, and yes, I calorie counted to control the intake as well. One of the things I also tried – as a means of managing calories – wasContinue reading “Artificial Sweeteners Increase Appetite”

The One Year Review

It is now a little over a year since I “lost weight” for my Spartan Journey and I thought it would be a good time to review my progress. Change is not change unless it can be maintained for a significant period of time so this is where I stand a year later. Before andContinue reading “The One Year Review”

Heart Rates – When You Really Should Be Worried

Since writing my last post on “Heart Rates and Other Measures of Fitness“, I stumbled on an old article which challenges the Maximum Heart Rate Theory from The New York Times. I was re-reading an old post I wrote about my early flycycle experiences just to see how far I’ve come and noticed that IContinue reading “Heart Rates – When You Really Should Be Worried”

IJM Duo Highway Challenge 2018 – Part 1

Back on the road after the Spartan Sprint in Semenyih with the IJM Duo Highway Challenge. After all the training I’ve been doing for the Spartan race, I am pleased to note that I have come back to my regular activities feeling a lot stronger. I still remember when an “easy” 10km on a Sunday wouldContinue reading “IJM Duo Highway Challenge 2018 – Part 1”

HIIT Workout with Dean Macey!

What an amazing experience we had this morning! Former Olympic Decathlete Dean Macey was at our school giving the parents a sample HIIT workout! Designed to be quick, effective, and basic, this is a workout you can do anywhere without the use of any fancy equipment. All you need is a set of running shoesContinue reading “HIIT Workout with Dean Macey!”

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