Rock Climbing at Club Med Cherating

I was at Club Med Cherating and it was my first time on the wall in years. There were four routes before me – three with ropes already through the anchors. The part of my brain that remembers I used to be a rock climber mentally noted that these were easy routes – the kindContinue reading “Rock Climbing at Club Med Cherating”

Tales from a Flycycle Neophyte

Ever a glutton for punishment, I went back for my second dose of pain at Flycycle. I even got a poser picture for the memories because I am never ever coming back… …except, of course, that I will. Didn’t I just say I’m a glutton for punishment? I was all prepared to take another beating and crawl homeContinue reading “Tales from a Flycycle Neophyte”

Flycycle at the Verve

There’s a new fitness gym at the Verve called Flycycle. It’s basically a studio devoted to spin classes with a spin (sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun). Anyway, here’s what they have to say about their classes: “…we take indoor-spinning to the next level by combining dynamic 45 minute full-body workouts, neon lighting and theContinue reading “Flycycle at the Verve”

Jungle Janes: The Return to Bukit Tabur West

Can it be nearly 14 years ago that I last hiked Bukit Tabur West? Hiking Permit A new regulation came into effect a couple of years back and you now require a hiking permit to hike at Bukit Tabur (East and West) which you can get from the Forestry Department in Cheras: Address: Km 11, JalanContinue reading “Jungle Janes: The Return to Bukit Tabur West”

The Jungle Janes Return to FRIM

It’s the start of a new year and the Janes are back in action after dusting off their hiking boots. The plan was for an easy walk in FRIM to accommodate some new-comers and old veterans nursing old injuries. Unfortunately, we missed the memo that Rover trail will be closed indefinitely due to vandalism. I mean, really? If you’re newbieContinue reading “The Jungle Janes Return to FRIM”

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