2020 MWM 21KM Run

When the Malaysian Women’s Marathon Race was cancelled, everyone was disappointed. Thankfully, our running leader LK decided that she would not be thwarted from running. She organised our own private MWM Run. In some ways, it was even more nerve-wracking for me because I was joining the fast team to do 21km. I wasn’t sureContinue reading “2020 MWM 21KM Run”

Spartan Sprint 2019 – Kuching

On Saturday 19 October, the GISKL PTF team took on the Spartan Sprint in Kuching at the Leadership Institute of Sarawak Civil Service. True to the spirit of GIS, it was a day filled with determination, resilience, risk-taking, and teamwork. For two of our team members, Ms. Awesome and Beauty Queen, Spartan Sprint Kuching wouldContinue reading “Spartan Sprint 2019 – Kuching”

Spartan Beast 2019 – Tambun

Spartan Beast for 2019 – check. I am now two thirds of the way towards my first trifecta and I’m relieved that the last leg will be the shortest race – the Sprint. Race Report I confess that I totally underestimated how tough it would be. I thought I was prepared, but I was not.Continue reading “Spartan Beast 2019 – Tambun”

Viper Bridge (Food) Challenge – Penang 2019

It was Team GISKL’s second OCR: the Viper Bridge Challenge in Penang. Dubbed the world’s first bridge obstacle event, we felt we had to be a part of the action. Well okay, that and the food trail we were planning to carve all the way from KL to Penang. After last year’s Viper Challenge inContinue reading “Viper Bridge (Food) Challenge – Penang 2019”

The Sensational Se7en Hits the Party Room

For Miss Awesome’s birthday, we went to The Party Room! For the “dress up” (because we’re kids who never grew up), our theme was “Jane Fonda 80’s Workout”. It was such a good choice that we even matched the decor! What do you think? Do we look the part? The Party Room The Party RoomContinue reading “The Sensational Se7en Hits the Party Room”

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