The Return to Routine

It’s been 5 weeks since the kids went back to school and I returned to my old workout routine. Despite my efforts to stay active and work out at home during MCO, CMCO, and RMCO, I felt a significant drop in fitness – especially stamina. I feel like a newbie starting back. Either that orContinue reading “The Return to Routine”

Boxing Injuries: Knuckle Pain and Forearm Muscle Aches

About a week ago, I bruised my right middle knuckle during boxing. It felt sore when I punched, but it was nothing I couldn’t bear. I continued boxing until it started to interfere with my punches. I tried to punch “lightly” but I would occasionally connect badly with the bag and feel a shooting painContinue reading “Boxing Injuries: Knuckle Pain and Forearm Muscle Aches”

Climbing, Endurance, Over-Training, and Finding Balance

I started rock climbing again. I thought it would be a more enjoyable way to build up my strength since I really loathe the conventional methods. It will not be quite as specific as regular strength training so I still need to maintain my PT sessions. Well at least it will provide a bit moreContinue reading “Climbing, Endurance, Over-Training, and Finding Balance”

Jungle Babes Joining the Tribe!

Word on the street was that there is a new boxing studio in town so the Jungle Babes went to check it out… Tribe Boxing Studio Join the Tribe. Tribe Boxing is a little like Flyfight where you punch a bag following the rhythm of the music, using a combination of four different punch styles –Continue reading “Jungle Babes Joining the Tribe!”

FlyFight @ FlyProject

2018 continues the rhythm of trying new things as we add FlyFight to our Spartan training plan. What is FlyFight? It’s a new class introduced by FlyProject (the company that brought us FlyCycle). In a nutshell, it is a boxing class. The instructor teaches you how to punch and what rhythms to punch with. Oh yes,Continue reading “FlyFight @ FlyProject”

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