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MCO Workout 3

45:15 x3 1min 15s rest (A1-D2 continuously: round 1 – 1min 15s rest – round 2 – 1min 15s rest – round 3 – 1min 15s rest) A1: DB/BB stiff legged DeadliftA2: DB Clean & Press B1: DB curtsy to reverse lunge (1st & 2nd round – same side, 3rd round – switch) B2: DBContinue reading “MCO Workout 3”

MCO Workout 2

45:15 x3 roundsBear hold head shoulders hips toe taps to 1x plank knee tuck Side plank knee to elbow (band at ankle) – (1st & 2nd round – same side, 3rd round split half&half OR whichever way works for you) 2x S/L v-ups (L&R) + 6x flutter kicks DB 6x Squat jacks + 6x curlContinue reading “MCO Workout 2”

MCO Workout 1

10 moves. 45secs on: 15 secs off x 3 rounds with 1min 15s rest in between each round. A1: stand – squat – kneel – squat – stand with weights (or not stand, just squat and kneel for more intensity)A2: DB/KB seated O/H press B1: B stance deadlift (also known as staggered or split stance)Continue reading “MCO Workout 1”

The Return to Routine

It’s been 5 weeks since the kids went back to school and I returned to my old workout routine. Despite my efforts to stay active and work out at home during MCO, CMCO, and RMCO, I felt a significant drop in fitness – especially stamina. I feel like a newbie starting back. Either that orContinue reading “The Return to Routine”

About the “Fed”

Forty, Fit and Fed but I haven’t really talked much about the “fed” part. Perhaps it’s time to address it. I guess I should clarify that this is not a blog about diet plans. It’s not about eating clean either. I must confess that when I hear about diets, my brain tunes out. It goesContinue reading “About the “Fed””

Workout Motivation

A few people have asked me how I stay motivated to workout nearly everyday, especially during a time like MCO. To be quite frank, I have trouble with motivation as well. There are days when I don’t feel like working out. I drag my feet, I procrastinate, and I struggle, too. So how do IContinue reading “Workout Motivation”

The Road to Progress

Since MCO started, I’ve been using Just Dance on the Nintendo Switch as part of my workouts. At first, I did it because it was one of the few things my knee could tolerate after I injured it. Even after my knee got better, I continued with it because it added variety to my workouts.Continue reading “The Road to Progress”


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