Heart Rates – When You Really Should Be Worried

Since writing my last post on “Heart Rates and Other Measures of Fitness“, I stumbled on an old article which challenges the Maximum Heart Rate Theory from The New York Times. I was re-reading an old post I wrote about my early flycycle experiences just to see how far I’ve come and noticed that IContinue reading “Heart Rates – When You Really Should Be Worried”

Thoughts from a Spartan Worrier

When I wrote my Spartan Race Report after the Sprint in Semenyih last year, I was ready to write off all the upper body obstacles in the Spartan Race. I was sure that I would never be able to do any of them. Like I said about the Monkey Bars: There was never any chanceContinue reading “Thoughts from a Spartan Worrier”

Come Join the Cirque

This post is a little overdue, but better late than never. In the last quarter of 2018, a new workout gym, called Cirque, opened in our territory. Naturally, we had to go check it out… Cirque is a 50 minute circuit workout that incorporates HIIT/burst training and functional training. Depending on the class you choose,Continue reading “Come Join the Cirque”

Once Upon a Time, I was a Rock Climber

Recently, I had dinner with an old friend whom I hadn’t seen in many years. I first knew her back when my sole obsession in life was rock climbing. She shared some of my stories with our common friends – friends who have never known the climber I once was. They stirred the memories thatContinue reading “Once Upon a Time, I was a Rock Climber”

FlyClimb – the New Vertical Workout in Town

Now this is a workout I have been waiting for ever since I discovered the existence of rock climbing treadmills. While I may no longer be a rock climber, the lure of the vertical ascent is still in my blood. I have waited with anticipation for the launch of this class and have finally beenContinue reading “FlyClimb – the New Vertical Workout in Town”

The Sensational Se7en Hits the Party Room

For Miss Awesome’s birthday, we went to The Party Room! For the “dress up” (because we’re kids who never grew up), our theme was “Jane Fonda 80’s Workout”. It was such a good choice that we even matched the decor! What do you think? Do we look the part? The Party Room The Party RoomContinue reading “The Sensational Se7en Hits the Party Room”

Viper Challenge Cyberjaya 2018

During the Spartan Sprint earlier this year, I vowed that it would be my first and last obstacle course race (OCR). Then, a couple of months back, I did the Northface Outdoor Challenge. Last weekend, I completed the Viper Challenge in Cyberjaya. Okay, I admit it, I’ve been infected with the bug. Next year, I’llContinue reading “Viper Challenge Cyberjaya 2018”

Heart Rates and Other Measures for Fitness

I’ve been tracking my heart rate during workouts for some time now and it has always troubled me how high it is when I work out. When #FMR sees my heart rate stats, he gets cross with me because he thinks I’m going to have a heart attack while working out. That’s probably because heContinue reading “Heart Rates and Other Measures for Fitness”

The Jungle Babes Photo Shoot Exclusive at Sungai Pisang!

The plan was to explore a new hiking trail called Sungai Pisang, aka “Banana River”. When we mapped out our timelines, it went something like this: Drive to Sungai Pisang: 30 to 45 minutes Hiking in Sungai Pisang: 45 minutes Picnic at waterfall: 30 to 60 minutes Take photos along the way: ??? Who wouldContinue reading “The Jungle Babes Photo Shoot Exclusive at Sungai Pisang!”

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