Over-Training, Rest, and the Immune Response

Over the last few weeks, my mind has been swinging backward and forwards between my training plans and the Spartan Trifecta Weekend that I’ve signed up for at the end of June. The fear that I won’t be ready by June keeps returning despite my efforts to keep it under control. I tell myself toContinue reading “Over-Training, Rest, and the Immune Response”

2020 MWM 21KM Run

When the Malaysian Women’s Marathon Race was cancelled, everyone was disappointed. Thankfully, our running leader LK decided that she would not be thwarted from running. She organised our own private MWM Run. In some ways, it was even more nerve-wracking for me because I was joining the fast team to do 21km. I wasn’t sureContinue reading “2020 MWM 21KM Run”

Hiking Trails: Sri Bintang

It’s been a while since the Jungle Babes have tried a new trail. Partly because we needed a trail around Desa Park City, partly because everyone was getting a bit bored of Bukit Gasing, and maybe because I was feeling brave enough to lead the Babes blindly into a new trail, we decided to tryContinue reading “Hiking Trails: Sri Bintang”

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