Mission: Take Down the Power Station in District 21!

Ever since I took the boys to District 21 they have been pining for a return trip. Although my initial intention was to sneak in a visit sans boys so I could take on my own challenges, I’m afraid that dream visit has yet to come into fruition. So there I was back at District 21 with boysContinue reading “Mission: Take Down the Power Station in District 21!”

Home Fitness: Rowing with the WaterRower

Since DH joined the ranks of the Uber Mamil, he has been pestering me to go biking with him. It seems ironic how the tables have turned and he is now the fitness enthusiast who gets cranky if he doesn’t get his exercise fix, while I’m the couch potato struggling to get in an exercise session that doesn’t involveContinue reading “Home Fitness: Rowing with the WaterRower”

Fancy Fitness Gadgets: Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Sensor

Aliens have abducted my husband. I’m sure it must be the case because this new person that they’ve returned in his place is a fitness fanatic. I even found a copy of Fitness lying around and I didn’t buy it! It’s not a bad thing, though… Boys love their toys and my husband is a typical boy.Continue reading “Fancy Fitness Gadgets: Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Sensor”

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