Working Out During MCO

If you’re wondering what happened to my WODs, I’ve stopped them. Too many of them required movements that keep triggering my left knee problems. I’m either doing something wrong or I have defective knees.

I was hopeful for a while that I could get back to it after a break and some rest but I keep getting recurring knee pain. I say “pain”, but it feels more like discomfort. And while I could push through it, I’m reluctant to after it progressively worsened because I kept going.

The wake-up call came when it got bad enough to interfere with my sleep. I couldn’t even do “child’s pose” without feeling uncomfortable. That was when I took the week-long break from all leg workouts. It got better after a week but it didn’t take much to trigger the discomfort. I was wary of all leg movements. For a while, I wasn’t sure if it was my knee or if I was having phantom knee pains from the memory of it.

Not being able to work my legs really threw my whole workout routine. My upper body is not particularly strong, so it doesn’t take much to drain me. That brought a bit of a nose-dive with the workouts which has had a knock-on effect on everything else – mood and motivation.

The dip in motivation means I procrastinate working out. Procrastination leads to the danger of not working out because as the day progresses, the less likely I am to actually work out. And if I miss today’s workout, motivation for the next day drops even further. If I don’t work out, there are no endorphins to make me feel good and there goes my mood along with it.

And that’s the problem when you stop moving – inertia kicks in and it’s hard to get started again. It’s a vortex that sucks you in unless you physically kick yourself in the behind to get moving. You have to recognise the signs and stop the cycle before you drown.

Start again with something easy. Focus on the fun. Create a challenge.

Work out
Rowing with the WaterRower

Easy for me has been rowing on the WaterRower in front of the idiot box.

Fun has been Just Dance on the Nintendo Switch. The Challenge has been to earn 5 stars for each song. Sure, it’s nothing compared to the way I used to work out, but it’s movement. It’s baby steps.

Fitness achievers Fitness achievers

Next, create accountability. Schedule work out sessions. I have two a week with my PT (from Fitness Achievers). I don’t like it because I miss my workout partners (Princess and the Queen) and because it’s really hard (my PT is merciless). I do them because I know they’re good for me. I need someone else to kick my behind and push me (in a sensible way) because I lack the discipline to do it myself.

Work out

Yes… that’s me suffering through a session of PT partly because I’m afraid that I’m going to lose all my muscles by the time we’re done with this MCO. And this is where I’m at on Day 42 of this MCO.

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