Hiking Trails: Sri Bintang

It’s been a while since the Jungle Babes have tried a new trail. Partly because we needed a trail around Desa Park City, partly because everyone was getting a bit bored of Bukit Gasing, and maybe because I was feeling brave enough to lead the Babes blindly into a new trail, we decided to try Sri Bintang.

All I knew about this place was what I’d read from an article in The Star. According to that article, the trail covered a distance of about 3.3km and it takes just under 90 minutes to complete. There are 3 peaks, so some inclines. It sounded pretty easy, actually. We even contemplated doing two laps of the circuit – at least, that was the plan. Then again, since when has anything ever gone according to plan? But more about that later.


Getting There

Access to the trailhead can be found at Jalan 11/36, Taman Sri Bintang and looks like this:

Sri Bintang Hiking Trail

Walk in a little way and you will come to a fork with the sign “Sri Bintang Hill Welcome”. The trail is a loop so it doesn’t matter whether you choose to take the left or right fork.

Sri Bintang Hiking Trail

We took the left fork. It comes to a junction with three visible paths. The path to the right will lead you back down to the stairs to the Sri Bintang Hill Welcome sign. Another path, slightly to the right was our return path for the loop we took. The left fork brings you to a peak with this view:

Sri Bintang Hiking Trail

The exposed trail that you can see in the background of the photo above is the quickest path to the next peak. It was probably also the trail they were talking about in the newspaper article. But we’re Jungle Babes; we like to take the path less travelled. Or maybe that’s just me. My insatiable curiosity always wonders where other paths lead to. I like to follow every trail to see how they all connect.

Sri Bintang Hiking Trail
Mandatory group picture

At the top of this first peak, there are a few bits of make-shift exercise equipment, some chairs, and a shed-like structure. There are several paths leading away from it. We took the one with the abseil which is a little to the right of this view:

Sri Bintang Hiking Trail

The view of the abseil from top-down and bottom-up. It’s nothing particularly challenging unless you’re not very comfortable with heights. Also helps if you have long legs and a bit of height. And we’re Jungle Babes, we do this kind of thing in our sleep.

Sri Bintang Hiking Trail Sri Bintang Hiking Trail

From here, the trail leads to the right back into the trees where it splits into three. We chose the middle one that sort of goes straight down. It gets pretty narrow in some areas where the foliage has recovered the trail but it will take you out to a T-junction. The trail to the right leads you back to the exposed trail to Peak 2 and the home trails (if I recall correctly from memory).

Sri Bintang Hiking Trail

We went left straight back into the tree coverage and took the longer path to Peak 2. There were several other forks in the trail that we didn’t get to explore (next time perhaps). Along the way, we traversed a few inclines, several descents…

Sri Bintang Hiking Trail

…practiced Pole Dancing on a tree. J Lo makes it look so easy (so did the Spartan Princess). It was all I could do to hold on long enough to get the photo before I fell off the tree. And yeah, that wasn’t a smile, it was a grimace.

Sri Bintang Hiking Trail

There was also another stop with hula hoops and a hula chain. I gave it a go and in my mind, I looked like this:

Sri Bintang

But what I really looked like was this – unco, ungraceful, and completely demented:

Sri Bintang

But, I managed to get a few loops in before the chain fell to the ground.

Sri Bintang Hiking Trail
Second Peak: Bintang Corner

According to the articles in The Star, there are three peaks at Sri Bintang. We only made it to two of them, but check out the view from the second peak:

Sri Bintang Hiking Trail

And our customary group shot – the “emo” pose:

Sri Bintang Hiking Trail

We also made a new friend, Killer:

Sri Bintang Hiking Trail

Garmin Hiking Stats

For some reason, I didn’t get a GPS map of our trail, but here are the stats:

  • Distance: 9.08km (the road less travelled is clearly longer than the exposed path).
  • Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes (easy pace).
  • Calories Burned: 489 Cals.
  • Elevation Gain: 282m (vs. Kota Damansara – 401m; Bukit Gasing – 464m; Bukit Saga – 611m).

Sri Bintang is a fairly friendly trail. It is well maintained and is sufficiently marked to get around without help. Even if you’re not too sure, it is a popular trail with a number of hikers that you can ask directions from. We enjoyed it and I think the Jungle Babes will be back.


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SHEN-LI LEE is the author of “Brainchild: Secrets to Unlocking Your Child’s Potential”. She is also the founder of Figur8.net (a website on parenting, education, child development) and RightBrainChild.com (a website on Right Brain Education, cognitive development, and maximising potentials). In her spare time, she blogs on Forty, Fit & Fed, and Back to Basics.

2 thoughts on “Hiking Trails: Sri Bintang

    1. Hi Lau! I’m afraid I haven’t been hiking at all since MCO. I only just did a light one yesterday at Bukit Gasing. We haven’t got a regular hiking session set up at the moment, and most of us are just getting our fitness back. If you’re still keen, I can let you know when the next one is up.


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