FlyClimb – the New Vertical Workout in Town

Now this is a workout I have been waiting for ever since I discovered the existence of rock climbing treadmills. While I may no longer be a rock climber, the lure of the vertical ascent is still in my blood. I have waited with anticipation for the launch of this class and have finally been rewarded.

Flyclimb by Flyproject

FlyClimb by Flyproject is the first vertical workout of its kind in Malaysia. Utilising the VersaClimber machine, this workout boasts more calorie and fat burning than your average workout.

A class estimates a climb from 3000ft – 6500ft, and targets to burn 660 calories per 30 min class.


A typical class runs for 30 minutes but don’t let that deceive you. By the time you’re through, you’ll be glad the class is over. Yes, it is that hard. Even the introductory class. And I didn’t even keep up with the timing because my body just could not do it. It was like speed climbing and I only made it to 1700 ft. I don’t know if that was sweat in my eyes or tears.

Flyclimb at JW Marriott

What Do You Do in Class?

Speed climb, slow climb, small moves, big moves, arms only, legs only – all in different variations and to the beat of the music. Well, that’s if you can keep up with the beat of the music. There is also a resistance knob that you will increase and decrease to make it harder and easier to move.

What’s Great about FlyClimb?

Aside from the calorie and fat burn, here’s what else you’ll get from this workout:

  • It is a full body workout so you will work your arms, legs, shoulders, back, chest, abs and butt.
  • There is no impact! It’s great for those if you have joint issues.
  • You get cardio and strength training rolled into one.
  • It’s short and not very sweet at all – get more bang in your workout at a fraction of the time.

A Few Hard Truths

While it is a very tough workout, I think we should be realistic about the calorie burn. Not everyone is going to burn 660 calories in a 30 minute class. There are so many variables that come into play.

  • How fast you’re moving: if you’re moving at half the pace of the next person, you can’t seriously expect to max out on burning calories.
  • How hard you’re pushing: if you’re working at a lower resistance, that’s also going to impact your final calorie count.
  • The heavier you are, the more calories you burn. Sorry feather weights – there are advantages for being on the weightier side.
  • Mechanical efficiency: different people use more or less energy to move in the same way. It’s just how efficient your muscles are when you move. This is great from a survival perspective because you conserve energy, but not so great when you want to stuff your face after a workout.

See also: “What it Really Takes to Burn 800 to 1000 Calories“.

You can check out my work out stats as recorded by the Garmin Fenix 3. It was a pretty intense cardio workout, but it didn’t save me from Christmas Dinner.

Flyclimb stats

Where is FlyClimb?

Unfortunately, FlyClimb is only available in the heart of KL city. To get there, you need to head over to Level 5 of The JW Marriott Hotel. While they do have some lovely facilities, it is not terribly convenient to access. Hopefully, Flyproject will open another FlyClimb branch (*cough* Mont’ Kiara *cough* *cough*).

Final Words on FlyClimb

It was hard and I was dying in there. I thought I could climb and I thought I was fit, but this workout really popped my bubble. That said, I am a glutton for punishment. I love the intensity of it and I bask in the post-workout euphoria. I know I want to go back for more.

My goal: 3000 ft.

Flyclimb at JW Marriott

Published by Shen-Li

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