Genting Sempah Road Ride

#fatmanrunning has been pestering me to do a road ride with him since… forever. Although we have ridden together at KL Car Free Mornings, I have been extremely reluctant to migrate to a road with cars. I’m sure you can understand why. Recently, he suggested a ride up Genting Sempah and I said…


What? How did that happen?

All Because of a Pair of Cleats

So I’ve been riding at flycycle quite religiously for some time now when #fmr discovered I have been borrowing their cycling shoes. My OCD man was so grossed out that he decided to get me a pair of my own. Unfortunately, they only came in black or white – how boring.

Reading the distaste in my expression and knowing my inner-peacock tendencies, #fmr went looking for a pair of cycling shoes to match my flamboyant personality. It turns out you actually have to be a pretty serious cyclist to get a shiny pair of cycling shoes because they don’t come cheap! I couldn’t justify paying so much for a pair of shoes I was only going to wear indoors so it was back to the boring shoes.

Ever the sly one, #fmr said, “If you come road riding, you can get the pretty shoes.”

Right. As if I could be bought so easily…

Sunday Bike Ride Up Genting Sempah

…evidently, I don’t know myself.

We went halfway up to Genting Sempah – about 11km – and then turned around and headed home.

Genting sempah ride

Apparently the trail further up gets pretty steep and windy so I didn’t have the confidence to manage it – not the uphill bit but the coming back down bit.

Bike ride to genting sempah

I was already terrified of getting run over on the way up. Every time a car overtook us, I wobbled like a newbie biker. See the look of fear?

Bike ride to genting sempah

The incline wasn’t too bad. #fmr kept asking if I could manage it – what is he kidding? We do much, much harder stuff than this in flycycle. This was literally a Sunday bike ride in the park. We were pedaling so slow that even the road runners could keep pace with us. All the other bikers overtook us like we were on foot.

I noticed the incline only when we turned around to go home and my bike went flying down the road. #fmr gave me tips for negotiating the ride down but it all flew out of my head as I gripped the handlebars for dear life. Every time I had to tap the brakes, images of the time I flew like superman over the handlebars of my bike can flashing across my eyes. I do NOT like going downhill wrapped around a scrawny piece of metal. By the time we got back to the car, I could barely feel my hands from lack of blood circulation.

#fmr asked about our next ride. I don’t think so. There is no point having pretty shoes if I am not around to wear them.

Getting There

You can park your car somewhere between Kampung Batu Dua Belas Gombak and Kampung Sungai Rumput and ride all the way up to Genting Sempah.

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