Trip Report: Jungle Babes in Melaka

After having done the Big Thrill and Extreme Challenge at Shah Alam, the Jungle Babes felt that it was time to take on the “hardest Skytrex” of the lot – the Melaka Extreme Challenge. With Skytrex Langkawi under my belt, Melaka also meant that I would have completed the Skytrex trifecta.

When the Jungle Babes Went Down South

Okay, so the whole plan to head south was so we could do the Skytrex Melaka Extreme Challenge, but we also managed to pave an eating trail along the way…

In Search of the Best Cendol in Melaka

Round 1: Justberrys Dessert House – they offer a few different styles of cendol, including several variations of durian cendol. It was good, but we thought there had to be better. The durian version was lovely but it overwhelmed the cendol. The regular cendol, on the other hand, didn’t quite have that gula melaka flavour.


Round 2: Qian Lao Ice Cafe (located in San Shu Gong) – this was probably the most disappointing of the lot even though it was supposed to be rated quite highly. Perhaps they have dropped their standards after becoming too popular.


Round 3: Donald and Lily’s Restaurant – this was hands-down the best cendol we had of the three locations we tried.


We also had a very satisfying breakfast of:

IMG_1935 (5)IMG_1934 (4)

And we managed to get a photo with Donald and Lily – the original founders of the cafe!

Donald and Lily’s restaurant is incredibly popular so it you are planning to head there, you should be early or be prepared to wait.

Carving Out a Food Trail

Lunch on the first day was at Nancy’s Kitchen, serving Nonya Peranakan food:


Dinner was at Straits Restaurant, where we had such lovely crabs:


The following day’s lunch after Skytrex was at Lucky King Bun. Okay, technically, this wasn’t in Melaka. It was in Seremban on our way back home – which is still down south.


Out and About the Town

Taking a walk down Jonker Street as every good tourist must do…


After several purchases along the way, including a few new hats and jackets:


On the way to St Paul’s Cathedral:


Check out the sights…


A few touristy pictures at Melaka’s famous tourist attraction:


And more posing because we’re posers:


Jumping for joy because we have no kids to worry about!


Taking a much needed break from the heat at The Coffee JAR:


What a pretty wall! Let’s take another picture!


Painting the town on fire:


Skytrex Melaka Extreme Challenge

Okay, on to the real reason we came to Melaka – the Skytrex Extreme Challenge:

Jungle Babes in Melaka

So what obstacles are there at Skytrex Melaka Extreme Challenge? These are the obstacles they have listed on their website (some are repeated to make up about 37 obstacles in total):

  • Ladder up
  • Flying fox
  • Wood step
  • Double walking cable
  • Cargo net up
  • Trappez and flying swing
  • Tyre
  • Happy hopper
  • Plank and rope bridge
  • Half bucket
  • Floating bridge
  • Zigzag
  • Hanging pole
  • Circle
  • The UFO
  • Walking cable
  • Sky bike
  • Cargo net down
  • Trampoline

We had to miss a few on the day (highlighted in italics above) because they were under maintenance – like the sky bike! That was the one obstacle we were dying to try out and it went out of commission the day before we got there!

Anyway, these were the obstacles that we did do…

Ladder Up

The first ladder up was the highest and it was probably about as high up as the one in Shah Alam.

Skytrex Extreme in Melaka Aug 2018Skytrex Extreme in Melaka Aug 2018

Flying Fox

The flying fox is another standard obstacle that repeats several times throughout the course.

Skytrex Extreme in Melaka Aug 2018

Wood Step

This obstacle is  like a series of swings set up side by side and you have to walk from one swing to the next stepping on the seat.

Skytrex Extreme in Melaka Aug 2018Jungle Babes in Melaka

Double Walking Cable

Balance on two cables and walk across to the next platform.

Skytrex Extreme in Melaka Aug 2018

Cargo Net Up

Skytrex Extreme in Melaka Aug 2018

Happy hopper

They had this obstacle at Skytrex Shah Alam Big Thrill. You can cheat by walking along the wire cables or you can try to do what you’re actually meant to do – swing from one platform to the next using the rope dangling in front of you like Tarzan.

Skytrex Extreme in Melaka Aug 2018

Plank and Rope Bridge

It’s a bridge with a few steps made out of a wooden plank and the rest made from a piece of wire cable.


Half bucket

Jungle Babes in Melaka

Floating Bridge

This obstacle contains two parts:

  • U-shaped ropes
  • A metal bar you have to traverse while holding on to these gymnastic rings.

Skytrex Extreme in Melaka Aug 2018Jungle Babes in Melaka


In this obstacle, you need to traverse the wooden planks, moving in a zigzag motion across to the other side. This is trickier than it looks because all the planks swivel.

Jungle Babes in Melaka

Hanging Pole

These are a series of pogo-like sticks hanging in the air. You need to traverse from one stick to the next.

Jungle Babes in Melaka


The circle looks almost exactly like the UFO except that there is only one circular platform and it is much easier to navigate.


The UFO appears simple enough but looks are deceiving. It’s even harder if you’re vertically challenged because you’ll be hanging by your safety at some parts when the UFO flips from the horizontal position to a diagonal position.

Jungle Babes in Melaka

Trampoline or Cargo Net Down

I can’t remember an obstacle that reminded me of a trampoline and I don’t have any other photos that fit the bill either so I presume this might be it. I could be wrong, though, and it might just be the cargo net down. The last few obstacles were really easy so we moved past them very quickly and didn’t take many photos.

Skytrex Extreme in Melaka Aug 2018

And that was it. Nothing terribly difficult. Or perhaps it only felt that way because we had to by pass a few of the obstacles that were being serviced. Unfortunately, we won’t be making a return trip to find out. The next Jungle Babes trip we plan will have to be out of town somewhere else.

Now that we’ve completed the Skytrex circuit, what shall we do next?

Skytrex Extreme in Melaka Aug 2018

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