The Island Extreme at SkyTrex Langkawi

Ever since the Jungle Babes completed all three levels at SkyTrex Shah Alam, we’ve been talking about going to Melaka and Langkawi to complete the circuit. As it turned out, DH and I had planned a getaway to Langkawi and he surprised me by suggesting we do SkyTrex.

Why was I surprised? Because DH is acrophobic. He had cold sweats when we went up on the OCBC Skyway at Gardens by the Bay. So the last thing I expected was for him to suggest SkyTrex.

“Are you sure?” I asked in disbelief. “Because I’m not going to do the baby trail. I want to do the Island Extreme.”

“If I can’t, I’ll just take the chicken exit,” was his reply.

Well, he did do it and he went all the way through!!!

Skytrex Langkawi

SkyTrex Langkawi Island Extreme

Someone told me this was supposed to be the hardest of the three SkyTrex courses. Either something has changed or they must have made a mistake because this was not any more challenging than the one in Shah Alam. There were a few interesting obstacles, but nothing beyond my comfort level.

The Obstacles

So what did they have? There were the usual stuff:

  • Flying fox – lots of them

Skytrex Langkawi

  • Ladders – there were two long ones in close succession at the start which were more physically challenging than anything else. Lucky I’ve been training my upper body so they felt quite okay.

Skytrex Langkawi

Skytrex Langkawi

  • Spider web

Skytrex Langkawi

  • Cable walk

Skytrex Langkawi

  • Double line walk

Skytrex Langkawi

  • Net and pipe bridge

Skytrex Langkawi

  • Fisherman Net/Cargo Net – don’t really know what the difference is since they all felt the same.

Skytrex Langkawi

Skytrex Langkawi

Skytrex Langkawi

Then there were a few unique challenges that I’d never been on before:

  • X-bridge – this was probably the most challenging obstacle in the whole course because the x swivels on its axis and everything wobbles.

Skytrex Langkawi

  • Saddle

Skytrex Langkawi

  • Charlie Chaplin – don’t know why it’s called this but it’s just a series of rope loops and a pipe to balance on.

Skytrex Langkawi

  • Sailor Board – this was the most interesting obstacle. It’s like surfing flying fox style.

Skytrex Langkawi

And that was it. Everything else was just repeats of the same thing. All in all, there were 31 challenges and it went by pretty fast. We took about an hour and half to complete the course with time for water breaks, rest breaks, and a few selfies.

Two down, one more to go. Melaka, here we come!

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