Fitness First Spartan Workshop

So I attended the Spartan Workshop at Fitness First and it was… tough.

What We Did

I might have missed a few things, but this is what I can remember. The warm up was fairly similar to the stuff in Joe De Sena’s Spartan Fit:

  • Light jogging
  • Butt Kicks – click on the link and watch the video to make sure you have proper form because incorrectly performed butt kicks are actually bad for you.
  • Skipping – the one without the rope. Don’t forget to bring your knees up.
  • Push-ups – proper ones or on your knees, as many as you can. Couldn’t do the proper push-ups so I did them on my knees, which really hurt after a while because we were on tiles.
  • Bear crawls – but keep your knees close to the ground, don’t let your butt stick out, and take smaller steps.
  • Caterpillar crawl – start off on your hands and feet, like you’re doing the bear crawl. Move your hands forward until you’re almost in plank position, then bring your feet forward until your butt is high in the air and your feet are just behind your hands.

I forget what our OCR instructor called the next bit, but this was what we did:

  • Walking lunge
  • Run and Chest Drop – run about 10 m, drop your chest to the ground (like a push-up but all the way down until your chest connects with the floor), jump up, run back and drop your chest to the ground again. Repeat a few times.

The Spartan Workout Proper

We were split into two groups and we alternated the following exercises twice:

1. Obstacles

  • Bucket Brigrade – we carried buckets back and forth along a stretch of about 15-20m?
  • Sandbag Carry – we moved weighted bags up and down a short flight of steps. The first time I did this I didn’t realise they were weighted differently. I couldn’t understand how everyone else could move so fast with theirs when I felt like my knees were going to buckle under me. It was a relief to discover that mine was the heavy one. Thankfully some guy took pity on me and gave me a lighter bag.
  • Vaulting – we had to vault over a barrier of Plyosoft Boxes  with a running start. There were two heights. One was about my chest level and the other about my face level. I didn’t even attempt the higher one. I thought they were going to teach us a few techniques on how to get over them but they didn’t. I was the worst one in my group for this. While everyone else was leaping over them, I was hauling myself onto the barrier and rolling off the top to the other side. Talk about discouraging.


2. Endurance – these were timed but I don’t know how long we had to do each one for.

  • Farmer’s Walk – think of a farmer carrying two pails of milk and walking, except that your pails of milk are kettle bell weights – 8, 12, or 16 pounds.
  • Medicine Ball Squat Toss – squat and throw a weighted ball (8 or 10 pounds) up against a wall, catch it, and repeat. If you can’t do that, just throw the ball over your shoulder, pick it up and repeat until time out.


  • Drag the Strong Man Log – start in push-up position with the log length-wise under you. Crawl backwards (then forwards), stopping periodically to drag the log along with you. You need a Strong Man Log for this exercise – they have cut-outs on the sides you can hold on to for dragging. Continue until time out.
  • Burpees – competition style (i.e. the one with a jump and push-up at the ends) as many as you can in the time allotted.

We did two rounds of these.

Core Exercises

Yeah. There was more. We did the following exercises until they told us to stop:

  • Reverse Plan Toe Touch – like it says, instead of starting in plank position where you’re facing the ground, face up towards the sky. Then touch opposite hand to opposite foot and repeat on the other side.

  • Plank Toe Tap – like before, but now you’re facing the ground. Begin in plank position and alternate between touch right hand to left toe and left hand to right toe.
  • Fingers to Toes – lie down and raise your legs straight up so you for an L-shape. Reach up to touch your toes. Repeat – lots and lots of times.

  • V-Crunches – I think the image below from Pinterest explains this one best.

  • Side Plank Toe Touch – start in a side plank position (see the image below – but we were on our elbows), and kick your top leg forwards until it is about 90 degrees from the other leg.

And then we stretched to cool down. If I wasn’t scared enough before, I’m well and truly in panic mode now. But…

There are two more workshops coming up (I wonder if they’ll let me go again):

  • Session 2 : 8am-10am, Sat, 17 March @ Outdoor Area, Fitness First, The Curve
  • Session 3 : 8am-10am, Sat, 31 March @ Outdoor Area, Fitness First, The Curve

If you want to attend, you need to register here –

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2 thoughts on “Fitness First Spartan Workshop

    1. My pleasure! They ran them in the lead up to last year’s Sprint. I haven’t seen anything this year, though. But since you’re a member, you definitely should ask them about it.


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