Merdeka Hike through Shah Alam Community Forest

Merdeka Day Hike in Setia Alam

Merdeka Day holiday meant that the Babes would not be free to hike so I dragged the boys on a family hike to Shah Alam Community Forest. For a group of kids who don’t much like hiking, I have to say that they did pretty well. These were the stats I recorded on my Garmin:

  • Distance covered: 4.5km
  • Duration of hike: 1 hours 27 minutes
  • Elevation gain: 138m
  • Average hiking pace: 3.2 km/h

It was comparable to the stats from a regular hike with the Babes.

Merdeka Day Hike in Setia Alam

There is a section called “the wall” which G1 dubs the “desert plains” because it was so barren and exposed. Recalling how hot it was the last time we were there, I brought along the boys’ Ranger cloaks to make the crossing a little easier. But that wasn’t the only reason why I brought the cloaks…

Merdeka Day Hike in Setia Alam

In Barking Up the Wrong Tree, Eric Barker advises that “when the going gets tough”, turn it into a game. That’s how Joe Simpson made it out of a 100 foot crevasse with a broken leg. If a man can survive incredible odds by turning his predicament into a game, surely a couple of boys could learn to enjoy hiking by relying on their imaginations.

The Search for the Golden Citadel

A solitary figure stands motionless, camouflaged against a backdrop of trees as he watches a group of hikers passing by. The forest is treacherous and filled with the undead and our Ranger must be ready to spring into action at any moment.

Merdeka Day Hike in Setia Alam

Studying the ancient writings carved into the ground, our young heroes must decipher the way to the hidden citadel where glory and untold treasures await them. Legends speak of the mythical Minecraft scrolls that hold unlimited power.

Merdeka Day Hike in Setia Alam

Only a secret key, once possessed by the infamous Illuminati, can unlock the gates to the fabled kingdom. If only our heroes could figure out how they work.

Merdeka Day Hike in Setia Alam

But there’s no time! The hoard of zombies are coming!

Merdeka Day Hike in Setia Alam

To be continued…

Hiking in Shah Alam Community Forest:

Merdeka Day Hike in Setia Alam

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