Flycycle at the Verve

There’s a new fitness gym at the Verve called Flycycle. It’s basically a studio devoted to spin classes with a spin (sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun). Anyway, here’s what they have to say about their classes:

“…we take indoor-spinning to the next level by combining dynamic 45 minute full-body workouts, neon lighting and the latest beats. Our adrenaline-charged high intensity sessions are specially designed to strengthen your body, tone your core and burn calories.”

Ordinarily, this is the sort of gym I stay far away from. I’ll be honest – I’ve never liked spin classes and the only association I have with bikes are leisurely rides through a picturesque countryside. My Mamil husband has been trying to convince me to get on a bike for the longest time and I have resisted thus far.

Then a friend asked me to join her. Keep her company – she said. Stupidly, I did.

Signing Up for Flycycle

I must be getting old because I managed to bungle up the sign-up process which was clearly too tech-savvy for the likes of me. For newbies, this is the order that things must be done in:

  1. Sign up to create an account
  2. Purchase miles – in other words, buy a pass for your class. 1 mile = 1 class.
  3. Book a bike – reserve your slot for your desired class at your preferred date and time.

You cannot book a bike until you purchase miles. You cannot rock up on the day to attend a class without booking a bike first – although you could do it on a smartphone if there are still empty spots available.

Newbie Package

If this is your first time ever, you can purchase the “first fliers” package which gives you two classes for the price of one.

Newbie Welcome

First timers are encouraged to attend class 15 minutes earlier so the studio manager can help you get acquainted with the way things work. They’ll show you how to adjust your bike, where to get your towels and weights, and how to clip in and clip out of your pedals because you’ll be riding with cleated cycling shoes.

If you don’t know what cleated cycling shoes are, they are just special biking shoes that have these clips under the ball of your foot that clips onto the bike pedals so your foot doesn’t slip off while you’re pedaling. The Mamil has them but that doesn’t mean I know anything about getting them on or off the bike. Plus it’s so dark in there, I don’t even know what I’m doing half the time.

Perhaps it was my air of confidence or maybe I was supposed to flag down the studio manager personally but I didn’t get the welcoming memo. Thankfully, I was next to a lovely lady who showed me all those little things.

  • Bike Seat – needs to be hip height.
  • Distance from Bike Seat to Handlebars – should be the length of your forearm from elbow to fingertips.
  • Handlebar Height – needs to be slightly higher than your bike seat.
  • Clipping in – align the ball of your foot onto the pedal and push down and forward until you feel it “click” in.
  • Clipping out – twist your heel to the side until it comes lose.

Paying to Get Tortured

It was only a beginners class and I thought I was dying! I mean, I can’t believe people pay to have this done to them. Oh wait, I did that.

I left the Polar Beat at home so these were the stats I managed to record with the Apple Watch:


I must confess that this is probably not even an accurate depiction of the workout because I cheated. Instead of increasing the resistance by full turns like I was supposed to, I did three quarter half alright! quarter turns. If we had been a group of bikers on the road, I would have been left in the dust a long time ago. Our instructor would tell us to pick up the tempo, but my legs just would not go faster. I couldn’t even match pace at my reduced resistance! And that threw me out because I couldn’t follow the rhythm – if everyone counted 4, I probably did 3 actually make that 2.

They say that you can dissociate your head from your body and imagine that the pain your body endures is not really happening to you. I tried that. It didn’t work. Maybe I wasn’t trying hard enough. The only light at the end of the tunnel was that the class runs for 45 minutes. Not that it stopped me looking at my watch every two minutes to count down the minutes to the end of class. And now I have one more “mile” to go before I can officially hang up my cleated shoes.

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