The Jungle Janes Return to FRIM

It’s the start of a new year and the Janes are back in action after dusting off their hiking boots. The plan was for an easy walk in FRIM to accommodate some new-comers and old veterans nursing old injuries.


Unfortunately, we missed the memo that Rover trail will be closed indefinitely due to vandalism. I mean, really? If you’re newbie hiker looking to enjoy the great outdoors, please observe the Hiker’s Code. We love our greenery and we would like to keep it that way so that we can all enjoy it for years to come.

We’re the Jungle Janes and adventure is our middle name so we were not deterred by the lack of a clear path. There are a few other trails that are still accessible to the public so we took the road less traveled and managed to clock an hour and half of hiking time. The trail had a slightly more intense gradient than the stroll in the park that Rover trail would have offered but it was nothing we couldn’t handle.


According to the visitor center, Rover Trail is still open to the public if you book their guide for a rather hefty price of RM120. The Canopy Walk is also available – or so we were told. To ensure that the guides are available, you will need to book this in advanced. If you’re not willing to fork out the dough, there are still some other trails you can take. Again, please observe the Hiker’s Code.



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