Jungle School for Adults: An Encounter with Bukit Saga

#hiking @ #bukitsaga... I have only one word... "Intense".The plan was to get the kids out into nature more often, but it turns out that all the adults are also clamouring to get out there so now we have a Jungle School for Adults. If you’re looking for easily accessible hiking trails that won’t require you to drive miles to get to, here’s another one located in the Klang Valley…

Bukit Saga

The Bukit Saga trail is part of the Hulu Langat Forest Reserve that also encompasses another trail called the Apek Hill trail. Although Apek and Saga are connected, it is quite a fair hike to cover both – definitely more than a morning’s hike. If you enter from one end and exit at the other, you will need to cab back to your car because Saga is located in Ampang and Apek in Cheras. If you check out the map below, you’ll get what I mean.

The trail we took brought us up to the peak of Saga Hill where we rested for a short while before returning. According to Polar Beat, distance to the peak is about 1.22km but the incline is quite rigorous and not to be taken lightly by the inexperienced hiker. From the moment you enter Saga, the trail consistently moves upwards, although there are pit stops you can rest at to help you recover.

Bukit SagaBukit Saga

The pictures above are indicative of the type of incline you will face. Even if the ascent doesn’t phase you, a hiking stick will help a lot with the descent – especially if you have problematic knees.

For a rough gauge of the intensity of the hike, I took a recording of my Polar Beat stats to the peak. Unfortunately, I accidentally turned it off at the peak so I didn’t get the stats for the return leg.

Bukit Saga

The trail does get technically challenging for those who want a bit of a scramble – but there is an easier, alternative path if you choose not to take the rockier terrain. The monsoon rains have washed out some of the scrub so the trail has become somewhat more treacherous.

Bukit Saga

Just in case the hike wasn’t enough, you can sweat it out some more on the the very ghetto exercise equipment located at the peak. They have dumbells, pull-up bars, foot reflexology, swings, and more. But if the hike was too much for you then the hammocks will be right up your alley.

Bukit saga

There is also a waterfall 45 minutes away from the peak of Saga (according to one of the veteran hikers we met) if you want to make a half day trip of it and frolic in the water for a bit. We were content just to make it to the peak so we headed back down after that.

Bukit Saga

Difficulty Rating

According to most descriptions I’ve seen of Bukit Saga, the difficulty rating is about 2-3 out of 5 (easy to moderate). It is said to be suitable for beginner hikers but even veteran hikers will enjoy it. Many hikers training for Mount Kinabalu often use the Saga-Apek trails.

Getting There

Bukit Saga entrance is located on Jalan Saga 28 in Ampang. Apek Entrance is from Jalan Awana 23 in Cheras.

Bukit SagaBukit Saga

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