Bukit Gasing – the All-Natural StairMaster…

Who needs a StairMaster when you can do the real thing in the great outdoors?

Bukit Gasing...

I have been meaning to take the boys to Bukit Gasing for a hike to the old suspension bridge for a while now but we haven’t quite made it there yet.

Bukit Gasing...

One morning, on the spur of the moment, I decided to take a “stroll” to check out the terrain just to see how challenging it would be for the boys.

How’s this for challenging?

Who would have figured a little “stroll” through nature could be so intense?

Hiking at Gasing

Ever since the hubs bought the Polar Beat, I’ve been checking the intensity of all my workouts. Suffice to say, this little bit of hiking trumped the lot. It will be interesting to make a side by side comparison with Bukit Kiara

Bukit Gasing

Bukit Gasing...

There are several entry points to Bukit Gasing. Waze took me to Jalan 5/66. If you want the closest entry point to the suspension bridge, you need to look for Lorong 5/4J.

There are also a number of walking trails so it is easy to get lost if you have never been there before. That said, it is a popular hiking site so there are usually other hikers to help point you in the right direction if you’re unsure of the path. There are also signs and maps to help you find your way but these don’t show you all the walking paths. Since Bukit Gasing is a “smallish” hill, you can always go back the way you came if all else fails.

Getting There

On Waze, it’s called “Hutan Pendidikan Bukit Gasing”. Or you can search Google Maps for Jalan Tajong 5/4.

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