Mission: Take Down the Power Station in District 21!

Ever since I took the boys to District 21 they have been pining for a return trip. Although my initial intention was to sneak in a visit sans boys so I could take on my own challenges, I’m afraid that dream visit has yet to come into fruition. So there I was back at District 21 with boys in tow…

My SIL2 came along for the ride so I could accompany G1 on the one he missed – The Power Station

Photo Credit: District 21

We didn’t take many photos this time because we were down to the serious business of having fun… Oh, alright! I was too busy having fun so I wasn’t hanging around for no photo ops!

It being a public holiday meant that District 21 was packed, and since they shifted their opening hours to 12pm, it also meant we couldn’t pull an early bird and get a head start on crowd. I would have been happy to skip lunch, but I had to be a responsible Mum and feed the kids first so we didn’t get in until 1pm. By that time, there was already a queue for the Power Station. It took us 1 hour to cycle through – 20 minutes waiting in the queue, 20 minutes getting geared up and receiving our safety briefing, and 15 minutes of climbing time before we had to remove our gear for the next group.

This was the first time I have been back on a wall since before I was pregnant with G1. Painfully aware that I now bear extra weight minus all my climbing muscles, I didn’t want to bomb on my first attempt, so I went for the route with the biggest jugs I could find – but even that was tough. I would love to blame it on the fact that I was climbing with gloves and sneakers but let’s be brutally honest – I don’t have it any more. I was pumped by the time I got to the top – oh wait a minute, I was pumped before I got to the top.

Then I attempted an interesting route with wheels that spin… It was trickier than it looks because spinning wheels really throw you. I made it two thirds of the way up before I fell off.  By that time, I was too pumped to try again so I went off to try something easier.

District 21 Power Station - Wheel climb

After scaling a couple of easy climbs, I attempted another rock climbing wall with large red holds. I made it a few holds up before I peeled off. A little later, one of the supervisors from District 21 told me it was the speed climbing wall. Right. So much for that one.

Inside the tower with the Tetris holds, there is a chimney climb with glowing handholds. I didn’t realise that was there until I saw a girl go in. Unfortunately, our time was up after that so I didn’t get a chance to try it… bummer. It might have been interesting to try the blue building climb as well just for the fear factor of consciously stepping off into nothingness.

I missed out on the Sky Trail again because the queue was too long. They only take 20 at a time (I was number 20-something in the queue) and the course takes about 45 minutes to get through so I couldn’t stick around to wait for it.

Mission: Take Down the Power Station in District 21 – Failed.

Image Source: Game FAQs

Dang. Looks like we need to plan a new mission.

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